Friday, March 20, 2009

A good day

Janneke had quite a day. When we arrived at the hospital today, we were surprised that she had an IV in her left hand. Earlier this week, she had a PICC line put in because it was so difficult to get an IV line in the conventional way. Today the PICC line was not working properly when they needed to draw some blood for a test. So shortly after we arrived she was whisked away to get her line cleaned out, as they thought there may have been some clotting in it. This was not a good way to start our visit.

The procedure went very well, however, and she was back in the room in no time. She had a few other specialists drop in on her in the afternoon, and we will talk to her doctor at a later date to hear the results.

Our prayer for her has been that she will be able to breathe on her own again and that she will be able to eat on her own without difficulty. Today, it seemed that the first prayer has been answered. She was taken off the CPAP around 2 pm. At first her breathing pattern was quite irregular, but she seemed to be managing. After a 1/2 hour her breathing pattern stabilized, and Sara was able to hold her for the next two hours. She did wonderfully. Her oxygen saturation levels remained high and she even treated her parents to opening her eyes and cooing.

Our prayer is that she will continue to breathe on her own, and that we will be able to start oral feeds over the next few days.


superstarmom said...

What a treat you guys got today! I actually got happy tears to hear that she opened her eyes and talked to you :)
All of you Pots are in our prayers around the dinner table every night. Please know that we're here for you in any way possible.
The Warkentins
p.s. Happy 1 week birthday tomorrow Janneke :)

BDrost said...

Hey there Pot Family!
I've just been catching up on all the news here on your blog...what a great way to share your progress! We are honoured to stand with you in prayer as you face every trial and triumph, through tears and rejoicing.
With love from Mark and Brenda Drost.

Marlene said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. May you feel sustaining hope,peace and renewed strength to face each new day. We thank the Lord with you as you see small improvements in the right direction in Jannekes health! Take Care from Stan and Marlene Langendoen and fam

Michelle said...

Marissa just got the news today on her ipod on her way home from the cottage. Our whole family is praying and our thoughts are with you. We will be reading your blog daily. We pray that God gives Janneke strength but also strength to you, Sara and Ralph and the family. Sara, I will be contacting Carolyn about walking the girls as you talked about to Marissa and anything else I can do.

Bob, Michelle, Marissa, Ethan, and Marlee Vanderlee