Monday, April 6, 2009

Romans 8:28

1 in 9 chance of winning. That’s what it says on my Tim Horton’s coffee cup. I could win a Toyota, a lap-top, or any number of cash, food, or beverage prizes. And 1 out of every 9 is a winner.

After 42 cups of coffee over the last three weeks, I finally won something. I won a coffee. According to the laws of probability, I should have won at least four times by now, but things don’t always work out according to the odds.

Last Friday, I received a phone call from someone from the genetics department at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Some of the leading geneticists in the country work there, and they collectively have no firm explanation for Rachel and Janneke’s conditions -but they are still looking. They asked for my permission to share photographs and detailed descriptions of Rachel and Janneke with other geneticists from around North America at an upcoming conference. The hope is that others would have come across a similar case in their careers that could shed light on Janneke’s and Rachel’s situations.

I’m not sure what the probability is that Ralph and Sara would have two girls that would interest the country’s leading geneticists, but I’m guessing it would be more likely that I would win a Toyota with my next coffee. It all seems quite random.

In my heart, I know that there is no thing as “random chance”. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Our all-knowing, all-powerful, eternal God works all things together for the good of those who love Him; who have been called according to His purpose. I know that the same God who knit Rachel and Janneke in the womb will weave the seemingly random events of our lives into something beautiful.

We have asked for prayer that Janneke will be able to drink on her own. The last number of days have shown us that she might learn this skill, but that it will likely take much longer than we first hoped. May our prayers also be that our minds will begin to accept what we know in our hearts. That we don’t know what the future holds, but we know Who holds the future.


Heather Baarda said...

Amen!! Thank you for those beautiful thoughts and words...It is in our weakness, that God will show His power. Stay strong, and keep that positive mind and God will pull you through. We are still thinking and praying for you...your community is here for you! Take Care,
Dave & Heather Baarda and fam.

Doreen Breukelman said...

Beautiful words! Thank you for keeping us up to date and sharing your hearts.
.. in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him..

We will pray for Janneke and her progress in terms of learning how to drink.

Thank you,
the breukelmans