Saturday, May 16, 2009


Life can be ordinary around here. Emily and Sophia continue to find ways to make their days creative - and make their parents laugh. Rachel thinks it's great to be one of the big girls, and she particularly loves the early morning snuggles. Janneke responds well to physio, and she loves being outside. We're catching a glimpse of the new normal for our family.


Williams Family Blog said...

Great pictures of family life. My favourite is Emily and Sophia with the watering can and the umbrella.It made me chuckle. Kinda reminds me of Monica and I.
Bless you,
Karen + Cliff, Keegan, Calia and Kira

Carla said...

love love love the umbrella picks....too cute and funny

Karen said...

I love the umbrella and the watering can. Very creative young ladies! Glad your family is finding a new normal and having some great laughs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph and Sara

Pete's sister passed along your blog address to us. It is so long ago that we were at Redeemer!

When I read your blog tonight I was touched by your incredible story. It was good to "meet" your beautiful girls and moving to read about your faith and trust in God which is evident in each and every post. Thank you for sharing your family's journey!

Prayers and blessings to you,
Pete and Sonja VanderHeide