Monday, June 8, 2009

Hands On

I had a piece of humble pie with a good dose of laughter this morning. I happened to see a friend who lives eight doors away from our kids' school drive her kids - instead of walk. I teased her for using the van instead of her legs. She got the upper hand when she told me she was going from school to the grocery store so she could make me a meal tonight! Oops. Humble pie and laughter are a good way to start a Monday. : )

Yesterday, we took the four girls to London to celebrate nephew Kyle's baptism and visit with some good friends, Eric and Lisa. We came home tired but thankful.

Know what I loved about yesterday? The way Luke tickled and rubbed his face on Rachel's legs... the way Grandma got down on the blanket and started gentle physio with Janneke... the way Mattie immediately stuck his face in Rachel's face as soon as we arrived and then threatened to spray her in his water fight... the way Josh got down and checked out Janneke and tried to help her with her soother...

I know it's hard when you meet people of all ages with special needs; you aren't sure how to respond or act. What I loved about what I saw yesterday was there was no inhibition, no awkwardness. I love it when others see beyond the chair and the feed pump - and see the kid.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." When he placed his hands on them, he went from there." Matthew 19:14-15


superstarmom said...

So THAT's where you were yesterday ;) Aren't kids great? I LOVE how loving your kids are. Must've been something the parents did right ;)

Mike and Marcella Meinema said...

So good to keep reading. I love Emily's quote on the side about the crust. Don't children teach so much! Too bad we all didn't think like them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,
I love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your life. I am so pleased to have been able to meet Janneke and see how great Rachel is doing at the May 23 celebration.Our daughter Lani is getting her Port-a-Cath accessed this afternoon for IV hydration at home while she is ill. We are so grateful for her port which she has had since June 05. For years before that she managed with a Picc line. We are so thankful to our Lord that He gave her 3 1/2 months to not have to use her port. I am willing to share any info re our experience with L's port.Looking forward to further blogs. Heidi in Waterloo