Tuesday, December 8, 2009

cooped in

Another week here... We've had some cancelled plans in the last week due to illnesses -both Rachel and Janneke are dealing with colds and infections. So, what do you do when you are housebound? Experiment with iPhoto.

Yes, this is Emily.

We've toured one school as a starting point for our decision on Rachel's schooling. It's tremendously overwhelming, and we are not sure what will be the best scenario. We will be meeting more school folks and talking with our team at the children's centre in February, but the idea of letting Rachel go to a classroom is already unsettling. Yet, she loves to be with other children, and we want to give her the opportunity to grow in an environment that can meet her needs. More on that to come.

I had to change Rachel's g-tube this morning, and that was more difficult this time than before. We replace the tube every three months because she usually has some kind of infection developing by the three month mark. I am still caught off guard at times when I see this small hole in her torso, and I know I have to somehow squeeze the tube into the hole, so she can eat. Crazy.

Looking ahead, we've got some testing at Mac next week for Rachel, and hopefully a chance to celebrate Christmas with family next weekend. I'm really hoping all four girls get and stay healthy.


Aunt Linda said...

Sorry you couldn't make it last Saturday, but understood. I must check into iPhoto--looks like a fun activity when you are couped in.
You are in our prayers every day. Take care of each other.

Ashley said...

I love the last picture, looks like she's smiling right along with you for the picture! :)

Carol VR said...

Your blog is sooo cute as are your kids. I too am from Ontario.