Sunday, March 7, 2010

here's to muck and mud

aaahh, spring. Good bye, snow. Hello, mud.

We took advantage of the sunshine, slightly warm temperatures, and good health this weekend. Thanks, nurse Ruth, for your help!

By the way, Rachel's bed is set up. Alan B. came over and helped us set it up - thanks! It's a really big bed. Really big. Emily and Sophia can both snuggle with Rachel at the same time. Sure beats crawling in the crib.


Delaney said...

Wow! Love that bed!! How did you fit it in.

Anonymous said...

I am loving Rachel's wheels and the "Lazy Girl" swing!
I think the first picture deserves to be framed - that's art.

superstarmom said...

I LOVE Rachel's bed! I have to say, I want a bed like that :)
All of the pictures are beautiful too !!!

Williams Family Blog said...

Spring has sprung at our house too. I love Rachel's bed. It reminds me of a princess bed.

Leida Dykstra said...

Swingset photo=good family fun!
...springtime mud needs to be played in...makes us thankful for our washing machines!!!

Hua said...

This is a great post! I love the pictures.

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