Wednesday, April 21, 2010

do you sew?

Rachel in her stander and Janneke in the Jolly Jumper.... Rachel tried the Jolly Jumper when she was younger, but she did not show any interest in exploring with her feet. We are excited to see Janneke put her feet down and keep her head up - all in the last week!

Hi. Things have been pretty quiet here at the Pot house. So far, our appointments as an outpatient at Mac and a physio session at the children's centre have been helpful. It's nice to go see a specialist and have no major worries. We are getting pretty comfortable at Mac; sometimes we are hugged and greeted like family. I guess that's a good thing!

What's not good is my ability to sew. I attempted to replace two buttons today - and that took me too long. When I was taught how to sew with the machine, I treated the sewing pedal like the gas pedal on my little 82 Honda -way too fast for a good seam. So, I am asking for help.

Rachel and Janneke drool. A lot. I am washing bibs at least once a day, if not twice, seven days a week. Some of the bibs are wearing thin, and I would love to have one day off from the laundry. (Mind you, I am very thankful for washing machines; I can't imagine doing 25 bibs by hand!)

So, here's a photo of some of our bibs. They are made from towels (soft and absorbent). I am not crazy about patterns (white is good), but I am thankful that my mother-in-law can make a bib out of anything, including tea towels from Brazil. Thanks, Oma.

Would you consider making some bibs for my girls? They are approximately 26 cm across, about 20 cm long (from the neck opening), and the neck opening is approximately 13 cm across. They fasten with a loop and button (or button hole).

Or maybe you can recommend some affordable, absorbent bib websites/stores?

Yes, at times, the idea of my kids being drooling children in wheelchairs makes me sad. When I change their bibs many times in the day, when people stare at them at the park or in clinic, I ache. Yet, I know that this is simply who they are and who we are - human. Imperfect. But, my girls are beautiful. They take after their Father.

Thanks for at least thinking about sewing. I'd love your help.



Anonymous said...

Sara, pass one along to me on Sunday. I'll make you a bunch. My sewing machine and I are one :)

suzan said...

Sara, I love sewing, but my machine is acting weird, if there is one I can borrow, I have lots of time to sew! Let me know!
Suzan Kuipery

Anonymous said...

The bibs are of DOUBLE layer, very absorbent terrycloth.....Don't bother with the cheap stuff because they just won't do the job.

ashleyb said...

if i could sew, i would...
hows about I change bibs instead? :)

Anonymous said...

I'll make a bunch!
~monica de Wit

Anonymous said...

Sara, hi! It's Amy. Mom to brook and syiriah. Brook is a huge drooler as well. And syiriah is a spitter upper. We go through about 30 bibs a day. Unfortuntely I don't sew or know anyone that can. I was lucky enough to find waterproof, terrycloth bibs at the dollar store for $1.25. I think I own about 80, lol. At this price it isn't so painfull if I forget one somewhere and it goes moldy (oops)! If you find someone who might make some for a reasonble price can you pass along their name? The dollarama ones are working, but a few prettier ones would be nice sometimes. Also IPRP has been keeping some there and laundering them for brook. Hopefully they will do the same for you.

Anonymous said...

Ps.....good job on the radio today!