Wednesday, June 9, 2010

after the race!

is the trunk of the van a sterile environment for preparing a g-tube feed?

Well, Janneke and I ran that hill in the Old Mill run after all. Last night, the two of us slipped out to Ancaster for a good 5K race. It was nice to share the event with cousins Dan and Sheila and (almost cousins) Dave and Amy. We ran without stopping, yet I had to slow down considerably to avoid running over three different squirt soccer teams who also ran the 5K. I felt like they swarmed the stroller for most of the race. Wouldn't we like to tap into that energy!

Janneke was a great co-runner, and like Rachel, she finished just ahead of me. She did not enjoy running before, but she seems to have changed her mind! Thank you to the Bosmas and Anne V who were cheering for us at the top of the final hill -that was very encouraging.

With Rachel and/or Janneke, we will continue to run. We look forward to the next race; it's tiring, but it is empowering.

Rachel is still recovering slowly, but her progress today has been hindered by another fever. We have been discussing her symptoms with the pediatrician. I feel a bit frustrated with what appears to be more discomfort or pain for my baby. Pray for healing for Rachel.



Anonymous said...

proud of you Sara & Janneke!
hopefully you'll be out there again soon too, Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Yay Sarah and Janneke! Way to run!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Janneke! You beat your Mom!

Anonymous said...

your trunk looks very sterile compared to mine!