Tuesday, June 29, 2010

boat rides and bubbles

It's a beautiful day today; the humidity and heat are gone, and the birds continue to make their noise. Yesterday, we celebrated another win for Holland's team in the World Cup!

Admittedly, this past week, we have also felt sad. It was a difficult week for our extended family as we listened and visited with Jess (my sister) and Tim and their son Caleb. His diagnosis of leukemia is the new normal for them. We wrestle with how to support and help, but we know that God will remain constant, and He knows their needs.

Yet life does move forward for all of us - in hospital or in home. Here's some photos of our past few days. Through Easter Seals (for children with special needs and their families), our family was gifted a ride on Lake Ontario - with the Kiwanis and Dalhousie Yacht Clubs. A special thank you to our captains, Mr. and Mrs. Krall.

Scroll down to the end of the boat photos to see Janneke's newest feat/feet.

Emily and Sophia hanging out with cousin Nella, one of Caleb's sisters.

Our boat ride on Lake Ontario!
All four kids were so happy with the outing.

Janneke with her face painted

Rachel was not so sure.

A real treat for the whole family.

Big news: Janneke received, on loan, a walker for the summer. She is moving her feet and shows signs of dancing. This is brand new news for us - as of yesterday! More posts on her moves to come.

Peace to you all.



superstarmom said...

Gee that walker looks familiar....almost like it was broken-in by a friend :) SO excited that Janneke got Ella's walker! It brings good luck :)

Love the photos of you guys on the boat too. We were going to go as well but that was the day I had the Lasik done.

How're you doing?

Anonymous said...

Neat to see those happy feet!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, the pacer, very nice. We had the red model and now the champaigne color. It great to see her so happy in it.

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