Tuesday, June 29, 2010

running again!

To add to our previous post....

We had a great run tonight at the Grimsby Peachbud 5K! Both Rachel and Janneke loved the run. Thanks, Ashley and Sophia, for your help with managing the finer details - a.k.a. the dirty diapers and broken formula jars.

This was a special 5K for two different reasons: We thought of both Aunt Grace in Minnesota and our cousin Caleb in Hamilton.

Aunt Grace celebrates her birthday today, so we raced for many more years of health and joy. Happy Birthday, Aunt Grace!

We also raced for Caleb -each step forward was a prayer towards healing and strength. I know Jess would have loved to run with us.

Peace to you all.


p.s. Em won her soccer game too.


Elzinga Family said...

Awesome new stroller - so good to see them side-by-side! Proud of you too, Sara :)

Jess said...

Nice stroller! Slick. Thanks for the run.


Brenda said...

Congratulations! Broken formula jar? Does that mean you sabatoged the race for those coming up behind?? :P

Runny Ron said...

Great to hear how you guys are so active. Your continual words of encouragement are words from God...there is strength from you guys that only can come from Him. Thanks for your support and for reading my blogs! We continue to pray for you as you continue your journey. God bless.

Ron and Nadine

Anonymous said...

So nice you can all run together! We've seen that snazzy yellow stroller go past our house this week. :)
Looks like you are headed off for a camping trip. Wishing you a wonderful time with your family!

Andrea Wiersma and fam.

Grace said...

You are a rockstar.