Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy middle-of-August to all. I read in the NY paper that some kids in the US are already starting school. Wild.

We had another chance to race together - Janneke, Rachel and I. It was a hot, hilly, and windy race, but we finished.

The race was in and around several vineyards in the Beamsville area. About half-way through the race, I wondered why I chose to run- rather than sip the wine and watch. But, the finish line is a glorious place, and you can't beat the sight of both Rachel and Janneke's legs wiggling as the stroller moves. They loved the run.

I couldn't help but remember the text from John 15 - the vine and the branches- as I ran yesterday. I was comforted with the promise of Jesus "if we remain in Him" as I ran up the hills. Those hills are a challenge to run up while pushing the girls. Likewise, it is also a challenge to remain rooted in Christ when life takes unexpected turns.

And that's when I go back to one step at a time.

The last few days have been good here. Em and Soph had a great time learning to swim better at a friend's pool - thanks, Janae and the Prins family. Ralph continues to work at school, preparing for the new year, and Rachel and Janneke fill their time with their big sisters and the nurses. Yesterday, Ralph and I slipped out for one night away from the home. Much thanks to Ashley and nurses Bridget and Betty for the break!




Fred said...

Great summer photos! Thanks for sharing.
Um, Sara, what are you doing reading a NY newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Love it that they can swing together! Cool.

And fantasic running! With TWO kids. You are amazing.

Williams Family Blog said...

Glad your family is having a great summer. So glad you and Ralph could get out for a night. Was wondering what you were up to in the fall. Thinking about a fall roadtrip to St. C. Message me and hopefully we can work something out.

Cousin Karen