Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new face

So, the blog has changed a bit. Welcome to our new face.

And, we like to share with you some new photos of old faces.

Elma Regnerus photographed our family recently as part of the Celebrating Life sessions of which she and other photographers are part. Click this link to see her perspective and her photos.

Seeing the photos of our girls was a reminder of God's blessings in both the hard and joy-filled times.

Thank you, Elma. So very much.




a said...

i love these cute pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are gourgeous. I saw the ones you e-mailed to Mom as well. Thanks for sharing! (I especially like the one with the whole family on the grass!)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures of your family. When I looked at your pictures on elma's website I was intrigued by your story. So I went on your blog and happened to notice the pictures of your daughter with nancy her therapist who also was my son's physiotherapist. Then I realized that she was not the only thing we have in common. My mother(Janet Ludwig nee VanIperen) is your mother's cousin.

What a small world we live in,
God bless,