Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday night

Here comes September... We will miss camping at the Pinery this weekend. It has been a tradition to celebrate the last rays of summer at Lake Huron, but our current circumstance makes it too challenging this year. Instead we will celebrate at home and with family.

Our last few days:

So it seems Rachel has thrown us for a loop - again. Just when we thought we understood her growth issues (or lack thereof), she grew. In the last month.

After watching her observe Janneke in the walker this week, I decided to adjust the walker for Rachel. We tried out walkers with her before, but I wondered if Janneke's movement might inspire Rachel.

Sure enough, Rachel had a big smile - and then moved in the walker! New plan: Find a walker for Rachel. Any activity with her feet means her bones can get a bit stronger. Her feet are not pleasant from the perspective of the physiotherapist since they are obviously clubbed again (even after surgical intervention). Yet, if Rachel shows interest in moving around on her feet as they are, we want to encourage her.

Janneke loves being in the walker too. She was on the driveway in her walker the other night, trying to get her two feet in the basketball game against Dad. Note the dirty feet. I love those dirty feet.

Emily and Sophia and I had a chance to visit a tea parlour. We weren't exactly dressed for a fine tea, but they let us in. What a wonderful time together, listening their hopes and dreams - and giggles over handling such delicacies.

There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea. R.W. Emerson

Enjoy your holiday weekend.



(Wait, I couldn't resist including: Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on. B. Connolly)


Aunt Linda said...

Rachel and Janneke are blessed to have parents that are so observant. You said Rachel "Moved in her walker. New plan. Find her a walker" I loved the fact there was no 'ifs, 'ands' or 'buts' in that statement. Just 'get her a walker' Awesome.

Schouten Family said...

Love the photos and the commentary on your blog. We are praying for a smooth transition into the Fall for everyone. Blessings.
The Schoutens

Anonymous said...

Wow, what would life be without surprises. Surprisingly I came to the conclusion this morning that it would be boring, even if some of those surprises are unpleasant. Well, GO RACHEL GO! maybe they'll be more 12 dirty feet in the next round of family pictures...

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I must have married a VERY trustworthy man.

Marya said...

Beautiful pictures!

Grace said...

I agree, about the tea cozy. Good to see pics of those cute little dirty feet. Grace