Thursday, November 25, 2010

completed window art

Em and Soph finished.... with a little help from Aunt Rhoda and Uncle Johan. And those are sheep in the field - not soccer balls. In the lower part of the grass, there are images of different kids from around the world as well as someone in a wheelchair. Above the Nativity, there are three crosses, reflecting the whole Story. What we found kind of neat was that the skin colour of the people and the Nativity changes throughout the day, reflecting dark tones as well as light.

Have a good night. We're off to the clean the paintbrushes.



Elzinga Family said...

Great to see the finished product! Way to go Em & Soph :) Can I commission you to do this at our house too ?!
Glory to God!

Williams Family Blog said...

I love it!!! Now to get the brushes out at the Williams house.