Tuesday, January 17, 2012

photos from Janneke

out and about the halls of Mac...

My big sisters came to visit.  
I think Emily and Sophia look like doctors giving Rachel my updates.

 My uncle Jim came to visit.  We played a touch-finger game.

I felt well enough to go for more than just a stroll today.  Mom asked Child Life to unlock the piano.  I was pretty happy to tickle the ivories.

Thanks for praying for me.  My dad is staying with me tonight, and tomorrow he gets to meet the doctors while my mom gets a good sleep at home and catches up on stuff. (She misses my sisters alot!)  I am getting more and more energetic with each day, and I can hardly wait to move around in my walker again.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like things on the up side of the hill.

anya genevieve said...

God bless you sweetheart. You keep fighting little girl and never ever give up ok? just keep reaching for those piano keys; who knows what wonders lie in reach. hoping you'll feel alot better and can go back home
with lots of love & prayer, anya
(i'm a friend of your aunt Jess and uncle Tim and your cousins Caleb, Nella & Aleah... hope to meet you and your family one day too!)

Julie Pilling said...

Dear Janneke,
I am so glad to hear that you are feeling a little bit better with each passing day. I just talked to God about you again and I have asked Him to help the doctors to figure out very soon why you have been feeling so yucky. I also asked a favour for your Mom and Dad, that they would feel uplifted and surrounded by His grace. I prayed that you will also feel His warm arms around you when you are tired or confused. I hope to one day hear you play the piano!
I loved the picture of you and your sister hanging out on your bed.
Be well Sweet one!

Julie (I'm and old friend of your Mommies)

Anonymous said...

Keep on feeling better, Janneke! That's the way to do it! Good girl. Hugs from samm