Monday, March 26, 2012

view halloo!

view halloo indeed.

(If you hadn't heard this before, it's what you say when a fox breaks cover in a fox hunt.)

No fox hunt here - but the cover of our carport has been broken and deposited in the waste bin.

It was a noisy couple of hours, but all is quiet, and the ground is ready to be dug.

First, the bushes and trees were either removed or set aside for replanting.  We decided not to keep the invasive species and weeds.

After the carport had been severed from the house, the scoop was jammed in the roof and with a few tugs, the roof collapsed.

When I shared these photos with my nephews and nieces, I likened the scoop to a dinosaur eating his lunch.

Admittedly, it was a bit intimidating to have the scoop working so closely the window.  Good thing we trust Wil.  

And so, it's quiet again here. The backhoe is parked in the backyard, and we wait to see what happens next.

Speaking of hunting, I feel like tracking down our endocrinologist.  Waiting for a phonecall is not fun.  Rachel's sugars dipped a bit today, but we purposely kept her resting for most of the day.  She had a visit with the chiropractor/massage therapist this morning who gave good guidance for what appears to be some swollen/bruised/inflamed muscles in her shoulders.

Not sure if that is part of the low blood sugar mystery, but I am thankful for her advice.  It was a "wake-up call" for us to review how Rachel is lifted and handled here in the home with so many different people working with her.  The renovations couldn't come any sooner; we need that tracking and space to provide safe care.

I left a message with endocrine specialist earlier this morning.  They said I should get a call this aft.  It's nighttime now, in my book.  No phonecall yet. This is a familiar experience for us - and perhaps for you too if you have chronic medical issues for you or your family member.  There is a fine balance of patiently waiting and aggressively advocating.  I haven't mastered that teeter totter yet.

Peace for your night.


Anonymous said...

The house and yard looks very very different, GREAT things to come. I too will be glad when deiling lift is back, the hopefully I will be able to come back and work with the girls again.

The Brands said...

It's a teeter totter that has a fulcrum that keeps moving and loads that continually loads change as well. You have to keep moving all the time. Nice imagery--I can picture you standing over the fulcrum, just like we did as kids on the teeter totter, balancing as the ends go up and down.

Anonymous said...

"We decided not to keep the invasive species and weeds" - great sentence.

franklin christensen said...
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