Tuesday, July 10, 2012

we had a day....

... and what a day it was!  I can't decide what was more thrilling - watching Janneke tackle the water or seeing both Em and Soph tackle their fears by maneuvering around the obstacle course.  

We had an absolutely great day with the six of us.  Thanks to a local radio station, we had tickets to a local zoo/splash pad, and we spent the whole day enjoying the animals, water and being together as family.

We brought along the walker, curious to see what Janneke would do if given the option to explore.  It was soon clear that if we didn't hold the feed pump, she'd be soaking it in the water.

For a short time, we unhooked her feed and she was all over the pool, seeking out the spigots and fountains with reckless abandon.

Okay, so that's a bit poetic, but she truly was all over the water.  We had many curious looks, but I suppose it's not every day a kid takes her wheels in the water.  We assured the lifeguards that her tires were clean before wading.

Rachel was content to sit with me (see above in top of photo), and as time passed, she too put her hands on the gurgling surge of water in front of us.

A great day. A great memory.



Jacquie said...

Sounds like a great day indeed - so happy for you. Started reading The Boy in the Moon by Ian Brown this week, and find myself thinking of you often as he shares his journey to discover and share the essence of his son amid the profound pain and joy of the journey with a special needs child. Hope there will be more special family memories made this summer for you all.

Anonymous said...

Good for you guys on the Obstacle Course Emily and Sophia, that looks high! I'm glad everyone had a fun day!

Anonymous said...

Very cool that all the girls enjoyed the water and family time!

Anonymous said...

Very good day indeed by the looks of the happy faces! That obstacle course is amazing! I've never seen anything quite like it! Brave girls to be climbing up that high. And Janneke's foray into the water is so lovely to see. I'd have likely sat with you and Rachel in the quiet coolness. :) samm

Anonymous said...

Great photos and a wonderful written summary ! Thanks for sharing them.