Thursday, August 16, 2012

nearing the end of August...

Hey, so we had a visit from Elma again.  

Along with our photos, her images have helped to tell our story.  At the risk of showcasing ourselves, we are thankful for the pictures she takes because it reminds us of the beauty in our life (our daughters!) and the reality of our family, smiles and all.

Admittedly, it seems a bit more challenging each year to catch the girls being natural - while maintaining some dignity with the disability for Rachel and Janneke.  We want to keep the pictures real - no photoshopping the drool or the wayward eyes for the little girls.... keep it just as they are.

(This photo made us laugh because they both seemed so intrigued with the blanket. Maybe because the dry brown grass didn't measure up with the bright green blanket?  Truthfully, they will look where they want, whether we call their name, shake a noisemaker, play a song - or not.)

We love our girls.

It has been busy here with adjusting to the newly renovated space in our home, and setting up a bedroom for Emily and Sophia as well - bright purple walls for Emily and bright blue walls for Sophia!  (A special thanks to Aunt Grace-from-Singapore-now-Minnesota who came to help paint for an afternoon.)

Mind you, given all the space, the girls had a relaxing moment the other day, all in Rachel's bed, eating chocolate chip cookies and watching something on the iPad.  Bonding time.

Check out the progress on the garage!

It has been a challenge living with all the ups and downs with our renovations... stuff in piles and crowded spaces.  Over the course of the summer, we buoyed between thankfulness and concern that we may have exhausted willing hands.  We acknowledge that money, time, and energy is all necessary to make our home accessible and livable - and it's intimidating to know that all three must be appealed for beyond our own ability.  Sometimes, the very act of asking for help seems disabling.

We do live with appreciation for all the help and support.  Our home now has the space to provide care for all four girls safely, and we know that this space will be blessing to our family for a long time.

We are still in need of a deck lift for our back deck... an alternative to the first plan of making a wooden ramp.  Perhaps you know of someone who has one they no longer use? Keep your eyes and ears open.

We continue to live thankfully... and with a bit of elegance now that the curtains are up with the new windows.

We hope the rest of August brings greener grass, wetter soil, and renewed spirits - and new pencil cases for September.


P.S. Check out my sister's family's latest post on Caleb - no more blasts!  Woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

I love love these new pictures!!!
So beautiful!!!
Glad to hear you're nearing the end of the renos... at least to the point where everyone can get around freely and comfortably. It looks beautiful!