Saturday, October 19, 2013


Bit of sister therapy on a rainy Saturday.

Bit of a long week with Janneke starting a nasty cold just after Rachel seemed to be healing.

Bit of frustration with surrender of plans and sleep.... yet we were still able to celebrate Emily and Sophia's accomplishments with running at their cross country race, thanks to homecare nursing.  Loved watching those girls run.

There was a bit of breathing room last night as Ralph and I had a few hours sans kids to celebrate the Niagara Children's Centre with various supporters at their annual dinner.

There was a peaceful moment this afternoon as Emily put together a play space for Rachel and Janneke, and Soph soon joined in.

Peace is there, but sometimes in small pieces.  I've gotta remember bits are only part of the big picture.

Peace to your homes,


Heather said...

So thankful you two got away for a bit. Your glass is always half full, isn't it? It seems when times are tough, you're always writing positively. You are a light, Sara. Those precious girls are very blessed to have a momma like you. May God give you peace, rest and super blessings.

Heather said...

Oh... and I can't believe how big they're all getting!!