Monday, November 25, 2013

a new week; a new med

I had some help today with prepping the sterile water for the girls' feeds.  She knows I'm terrible with numbers and measuring, so she rallied for awhile this morning, despite the pain and discomfort she's dealing with. Good thing she kept an eye on me.  And a good thing she has great medical care.  She is now on another round of antibiotics that will hopefully clear up this recurring infection.  Third time's a charm?

Bring on the charm, kid. 



Julie Pilling said...

Great pictures of you little trooper! Praying the third time is the magic charm :-)

Heather Baarda said...

She's way too cute!! I hope she conquers the infection this time! Take Care!

Anonymous said...

Sara, please accept my condolences on the passing of Ralph's father! I just saw it in the paper, and wanted to send you both hugs. samm in welland