Tuesday, January 14, 2014

small steps

Someone's steps are getting more and more confident.

Janneke shows progress with her weight-bearing and steps although she hasn't awareness of falling or the space around her.  Our goal is to get her to walk with assistance for short distances.  The wheelchair is still her safest mode of transportation, but perhaps we will see her walking around the house with a walker someday.  I guess that means she could also learn to walk away from me.... Not sure I am ready for that.

Rachel is back on meds again - more antibiotics.  I ache for my girl with all her pain issues.  She seems to be dealing with either a new infection or a recurring infection.  Today we started some probiotics to help her gut cope with the antibiotics.  In the past, probiotics have prompted more pain, but with the antibiotics, she seems to need that extra support now.

I am tired of worrying over her.  I am reminded daily of how much my concern for my girls consumes my day and affects my ability to function.  This morning, I stood at the self-checkout at the grocery store, staring at a green vegetable in my cart.  I couldn't remember the name of the said veggie, so I held in the air and hollered for someone to name it.  Zucchini.  Of course.  And the brain started working again.

Tonight, Rachel has been quiet.  This is good.  She cheered Soph on with her homework and was rewarded with hugs.  A piece of peace before this day is put to bed.

Peace for your week,


Anonymous said...

Hi Pots. Love, love love the pics of Janneke walking!!
Sara, I know you know way more than I do about meds and stuff, but I always thought you gave probiotics after the antibiotic course was done. The antibiotics will just kill the probiotics because it kills good and bad bacteria. I always give my kids probiotics roughly a week after antibiotics course if finished. Correct me if you know otherwise!

Marya said...

Thanks again for sharing another bit of your lives! We think of your family every day. Strength to you, and health for your girls.

Ralph and Sara Pot said...

@anonymous: It's newer research, but the studies are showing that taking probiotics with antibiotics can help reduce the side effects of antibiotics. The probiotics can't reduce the power of the antibiotics - but obviously, the antibiotic can affect the probiotic. The trick is in the timing; you take the probiotic at least two hours before or after the antibiotic. I am so thankful for nurses who work in our home and in the hospital as well as our pharmacy team. They can provide me with info such as that. Florastor is one probiotic recommended to take with antibiotics. And that's all I have for now... :) spot

Mike V said...

Maybe you were thinking of 'courgette'.

BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

WOW, WOW, WOW to the walking.

Sad to hear about Rachel and hope you find some answers. xo