Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For those 18 inches

If it's true...that 18 inches is the distance between your heart and head, then here are pics from that so called space of mine as of late.  (Postscript - video link for a snippet of Em and Soph's Annie performance here)


The annual radiothon to support the Niagara Children's Centre started on May 1 (click here for the girls' fundraising page). Rachel and Janneke attended the kickoff day and patiently waited while I spoke on their behalf to the crowd of folks gathered. As I stood at the podium with Rachel to my right and Janneke to my left, it was noted that as I spoke, Rachel shook her hands. When I paused, she paused. This led some to believe that Rachel was signing my words. Imagine if! Meanwhile, Janneke rocked so hard back and forth in her chair that she moved from the podium to the side wall...with the brake applied. I guess she's not one for crowds.


Our Rachel had her 9th birthday!  When she had her first birthday, we were thrilled that she had made it to one year. Now it's 9 years... wow. Dear Rachel, what do you think of that? We invited some familiar faces over to celebrate and eat her cake.  As it is with birthdays for both Rachel and Janneke, we sort through bittersweet feelings, feelings of joy mixed with sadness and with fear for the future. Happy Birthday, Ray of Sunshine.


In light of Nurses Week last week, these two photos partially explain why I love have a nurse help out in our home. I can't do ordinary mom things without that daily support. I get to help with homework (!) and spend time with the older girls outside. And take our goat, er..dog for a walk. 


Our soft and fluffy Luna had a major shave.  After pulling too many ticks out of her hair, it was decided she needed a visit to the groomer. Sophia was not the only one sad to greet the skinny goat-like dog after school that day. Winter coats aren't so cool in summer, so it's probably for the best.


Love me a school that believes every child is an artist.  We recently celebrated at the annual Niagara Children's Centre School Art Show.

Rachel's message about her pinky painting was communicated to those gathered at the art show through her sequencer button and a book that described her piece.

And reminiscent of her desire to stay away from crowds at the radiothon kickoff, this is Janneke during the art show presentation.... staring out the window at the lovely day outside. How typical.


Though I like to give the older girls a bit of privacy on this blog, I need to share at least one photo from their roles as orphans in the school play Annie Jr. (They are pictured with cousin Willa, a fan.) They were fabulous in their roles, with Emily as the mean orphan picking on Sophia, the littlest orphan. Bit of a stretch for them, but they stepped into their roles splendidly.  What was also great about the performance was the rapt attention both Rachel and Janneke gave when they attended the show. It's a first for both girls to sit for the whole play without crying or melting.


These pics are from a recent fitting we had to find the right gait harness for Rachel. She loved the change of position!  She deals with chronic pain on a daily basis that seems to interfere with so many ideas of fun for her, so this joyful moment was particularly sweet.

Though I'm not exactly a fan of Mothers' Day,  I did appreciate the flowers that Janneke worked hard to cultivate for the occasion. The day itself was marked as "one of those days" when one of the kids soils the hammock while the dog is eating fertilizer while the feed pump is spilling formula onto the deck while the supper is getting crispier than necessary in the oven - and all you can do is laugh. Carpe diem and pass the cleaning spray.

So, we keep going at this, making lemonade and seeing the liquid sunshine when we are tempted to see lemons and pouring rain. Life is good. Change of seasons is good. 


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