Sunday, March 20, 2016

pneumonia or pie?

Last week, we were hesitatingly preparing for a pie party to celebrate Janneke's birthday.

Hesitating because both Rachel and Janneke were dealing with colds and fevers that weren't going away.

Janneke's birthday found us at Mac instead - in the ER, getting tests and meds for pneumonia. The pies were consumed slowly over the week by their big sisters, and we are thankful that 7 days later, Rachel and Janneke seem to be on the mend.

Somewhere in the middle of this foggy week -due to lack of sleep and worry over the kids, my first article was published. I have been given the opportunity to write about faith and disability as it relates to our family.  You can read the online version here.



Coleman Lindner said...

What an awful turn of events. Instead of enjoying delicious pies for a fun birthday, being in the ER due to illness, that must have been awful. Glad to know the girls are feeling better now and that all of the pies were enjoyed by family!

Anonymous said...

images are awesome.. its clear from images that you enjoyed alot

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